Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Playoff Preview- Not Yet Clear

    1. The final week of the SJHL’s regular season is upon us, and there are so many questions that are left unanswered, and will likely remain wide open until Monday evening. No one knows who will play who, but here is what we know:
      1. Battleford – 90 points – 3 remaining – 96 potential points, 1st locked
      2. Flin Flon – 78 points- 3 remaining — 84 potential points, 2nd locked
      3. Yorkton – 71 points- 2 remaining—- 75 potential points
      4. La Ronge – 68 points- 2 remaining— 72 potential points
      5. Melfort – 67 points- 3 remaining—— 73 potential points
      6. Nipawin – 64 points- 2 remaining— 68 potential points
      7. Estevan – 62 points- 3 remaining – 68 potential points
      8. Humboldt-59 points- 3 remaining – 65 potential points


      1. Battlefords @ Humboldt x1 and Kindersley x2
      2. Flin Flon @ La x2 Melfort x1
      3. Yorkton @ Melville x2
      4. La Ronge @ FF x2
      5. Melfort @ Nip x2 FF x1
      6. Nipawin @ Melfort x2
      7. Estevan @ ND x1 Wey x2
      8. Humboldt @ Batt x1 ND x1 Melville x1


We know who is going to finish 1, 2, & 3. That is all we know.

Global Ag Risk Solutions Division

Battlefords has laid claim to the top spot in both their division and in the league.

Humboldt will finish 2nd in the division, but could finish only as high as 6th in the league.

If the playoffs started tomorrow, it would be a divisional show down between Battleford (1) @ Humboldt (8)

Viterra Division

Yorkton is the winner of their division, and will finish third in overall points in the league.

Estevan is the only other team in the division to make the post season, and they will finish anywhere between as high as 4th and as low as 8th!


Sherwood Division

Every single team in the division has qualified for the post season. The strongest division in the league hands down, it’s been a dog fight all year long.

Flin Flon has claimed the top spot in the division, as well as second overall in league points.

La Ronge, Melfort and Nipawin are able to finish as high as 4th or as low as 7th. Absolutely wide open.

This division will have at least one, but it is possible to see 2 divisional games in the first round.

If the playoffs started today

Battleford @ Humboldt

Flin Flon @ Estevan

Yorkton @ Nipawin

La Ronge @ Melfort