Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League


It all began for a little fun and local area competition. Ice Hockey, outdoors with some other surrounding teams. I am sure that back then they had no idea of what they were starting. It was early in 1927, the city was new, and so was a hockey team called Flin Flon. Here we are in 2012 , and that little hockey team is still here, 85 years later.

There have been many things to change over the years. At first they were known as just Flin Flon, then the team took on other names like the Kopper Kings until a decision was made in 1936 to become a competitive league team. It was then that the call went out to find a name and logo for this team, a team that began as the pride of a community, and continues to this day. Joe Pieper, a local resident and miner came up with the name Bombers, and Canadian Industries Ltd. Designed the now famous exploding "B" logo.

As time goes by many things change, the team as the Bombers won many games, in many different leagues. They played in Allan Cup finals, Memorial Cup playoffs and both Centennial and Royal Bank Cup Championships. In the early years of the Bombers they won the Allan Cup, senior hockey Championship. But, the event to put the name Flin Flon Bombers on the minds of hockey fans across the country was yet to come.

It was 1957, and a team made up mostly of local Flin Flon boys went on to defeat the unbeatable Ottawa Canadians, coached by Sam Pollack and Scotty Bowman in The Memorial Cup. The series went to seven games with The Flin Flon Bombers winning the final game 3 - 2. It was then a legend was born, and a little cities hockey team became the centre of the world.

Over the years many Flin Flon Bombers have gone on to play in the NHL, the old WHA, in Europe and University Scholarships. Bobby Clarke, Gerry Hart, Reggie Leach and Blaine Stoughton all great NHL players that played in the late 1960's. Teddy Hampson, Paddy Ginnell and more that moved to the big league from the 1957 team. Ken Baumgartner and Reid Simpson have advanced to the NHL in more recent years. And lets not forget Mike Reagan, Nathan Waberski, Morgan Cey, Kurtis Petersen,Zane Kalemba, and Dennis Kubat all capitalizing on their years with the Flin Flon Bombers and turning it into scholarships in University.

From the humble beginning of a team to hit the open ice and play for fun and Flin Flon, through the years to its present day playing in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) the team now called the Flin Flon Junior Bombers has changed and adapted. But Joe Pieper's name and the Famous exploding "B" are still here after 85 years. Today, with over 1,000 season ticket holders for five years straight, the action is always alive on game night in the most famous rink in junior hockey, The Whitney Forum.

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Building the Whitney Forum
1957 Memorial Cup