Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League


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Phone: 687-4404

The Flin Flon Bomber organization feels that one of the components of success is to provide a comfortable living environment for each one of our players. We strive to find homes that will expose our players to a positive environment.

The experience of being a billet family can be a very positive one. In the billet homes the players are encouraged to become involved with the family that has so generously welcomed them.

The players will have a very structured schedule for the entire time they will be placed in your home. The team has practice every day, except on game days. There is also a strict workout program for the players to follow throughout the season. Some players may still be in school and others are encouraged to find part-time work. The team has a set curfew that all of the players need to abide by in order for our team to be a success. To help with the expenses of housing one of our players the Bomber organization will provide a $350.00 allowance per player per month as well as a season pass per player housed. If after considering the possibility of welcoming a player into your home you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact our office at 687-4404.