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The Flin Flon Bombers are proud to provide a great home for our hockey players. We are equally as proud to see them move on to further their education. Listed below are Bomber players who earned scholarships to continue their playing careers at the University and College level.




Don Wishart (1951-1954) DON
Wishart (1951-1954)

Colorado College

George Konic (1955-1958)GEORGE
Konic (1955-1958)

Denver University

George Hill (1958-1959)GEORGE
Hill (1958-1959)

Michigan Tech

Maurice Oftebro (1959-1960)MAURICE
Oftebro (1959-1960)

University of Denver

Len Sedgwick (1959-1961)LEN
Sedgwick (1959-1961)

University of Denver

Harley Patterson (1952-53)HARLEY
Patterson (1952-53)

Colorado College

Bill Dowhan (1957-1958)BILL
Dowhan (1957-1958)

Denver University

George Chigol (1958-1960)GEORGE
Chigol (1958-1960)

University of North Dakota

Don Donaldson (1959-1960)DON
Donaldson (1959-1960)

University of Denver

Myles Gillard (1959-1962)MYLES
Gillard (1959-1962)

University of Denver

1960S & 1970S

Tom Iannone (1960-1962)TOM
Iannone (1960-1962)

University of North Dakota

Andy Herrebout (1961-1962)ANDY
Herrebout (1961-1962)

University of Denver

Al Genovy (1965-1966)AL
Genovy (1965-1966)

Denver University

Norm Kuern (1960-1962)NORM
Kuern (1960-1962)

University of Denver

Tom Iannone (1961-1963)TOM
Iannone (1961-1963)

University of North Dakota

Mark Davidson (1972-1976)MARK
Davidson (1972-1976)

Denver University


Lyle Hamm (1980-1984)LYLE
Hamm (1980-1984)

Camrose Lutheran College

Pat Chamberlain (1987-1989)PAT
Chamberlain (1987-1989)

Brandon University

Jeff Reschny (1989-1990)JEFF
Reschny (1989-1990)

Brown University

Blaine Sautner (1986-1989)BLAINE
Sautner (1986-1989)

Brandon University

Darren Schwartz (1988-1989)DARREN
Schwartz (1988-1989)

Brandon University

Richard Nagy (1990-1993)RICHARD
Nagy (1990-1993)

Ferris State


Rob Beck (1990-1993)ROB
Beck (1990-1993)


Mark Loepkey (1990-1994)MARK
Loepkey (1990-1994)

Western Michigan

Travis Cheyne (1991-1993)TRAVIS
Cheyne (1991-1993)

Denver University

Layne Hummeney (1992-1994)LAYNE
Hummeney (1992-1994)

Northern Michigan

Warren Ayers (1994-1997)WARREN
Ayers (1994-1997)


Kevin Adam (1994-1996)KEVIN
Adam (1994-1996)

Bethel College

Rodney McLeod (1995-1997)RODNEY
McLeod (1995-1997)

Ohio State

Chris Bodnar (1997-1998)CHRIS
Bodnar (1997-1998)

Bemidji State

Mike Reagan (1996-2000)MIKE
Reagan (1996-2000)

Sacred Heart College

Ben Lulashnyk (1998-2000)BEN
Lulashnyk (1998-2000)

University of Regina

Danny Dennis (1990-1993)DANNY
Dennis (1990-1993)


Aaron Cain (1991-1994)AARON
Cain (1991-1994)

Northern Michigan

Shane Hayes (1992-1994)SHANE
Hayes (1992-1994)

University of Saskatchewan

Kyle Paul (1992-1994)KYLE
Paul (1992-1994)

Royal Canadian Military Academy

Mike Ludwar (1994-1996)MIKE
Ludwar (1994-1996)


Byron Poole (1994-1996)BYRON
Poole (1994-1996)


Graham Borne (1995-1998)GRAHAM
Borne (1995-1998)

Bethel College

Shane Delaronde (1996-1999)SHANE
Delaronde (1996-1999)

Lake Superior

Todd Alexander (1997-1999)TODD
Alexander (1997-1999)

University of New Brunswick

Lyndon Leard (1999-2001)LYNDON
Leard (1999-2001)

University of Saskatchewan


Mark Debusschere (1998-2001)MARK
Debusschere (1998-2001)

McGill University

Tyler Beachell (2004-2006)TYLER
Beachell (2004-2006)


Zane Kalemba (2005-2006)ZANE
Kalemba (2005-2006)


Dalton Pajak (2004-2006)DALTON
Pajak (2004-2006)

University of B.C.

*If we have missed anyone please contact the Bomber office by e-mail or by phone.